Jun 22 2014

Nanotechnology and the Daguerreotype


Focus 45: Ralph Wiegandt on Nanotechnology and the Daguerreotype

On Thursday July 10, 2014 from 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm in Curtis Theatre

For more information, see the events page.


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May 24 2014

Updated gallery – Mercury pots by CasedImage.com

Over the last year I have developed a mercury pot design to be available commercially and images of it can be seen in the updated gallery for mercury pots by CasedImage.com.
It took 4 prototypes and a lot of effort to get on top of the issues of electrical heat engineering and the thermodynamics of a large steel pot with a small amount of mercury in it. It did jump in at the deep end in designing it to take a maximum format of 8×10 inches, but I wanted a piece of professional equipment that would sustain some of the large of amount of investment required. It allows space for two half plates to be developed at the same time as well as catering for whole plate, which was my own personal preference also. It has a electrical heating system that has a digital controller which uses logarithms to manage a stable temperature. Despite this, another main feature that I sort in the design is that it has a telescoping stand (while keeping the overall footprint very compact) for use with heating by alcohol lamp. Most would use the electrical heating option but I wanted the pot to be able to be used in those rare occasions, in the outdoors/where there is no electrical supply. For those occasions it has a battery powered temperature display, which uses the same temperate sensor as the electrical heat system. It has a double darklside/airlock entry to the interior, made of stainless steel stopped slides and cnc machined Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). It also has clear acrylic walls to impede the airflow in a fume hood from cooling the heat elements and making their task more difficult.

Pot showing heat and temperature sensing cables with quick disconnect connectors.

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May 10 2014

Space Still Available for Lacock Abbey Workshop with Mike Robinson

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The Daguerreotype Workshop
7 August to 10 August 2014 at the Fox Talbot Museum
Limited to 7 participants
£990 including VAT and materials fee.

This workshop is for artists with a serious interest in the evolution, aesthetics and process of daguerreotypy. The workshop will be conducted by Mike Robinson, a modern master of the medium. Participants will learn both modern and traditional techniques of polishing. Also covered will be advanced concepts of contrast control, alternative fuming techniques, and housing options. Each participant will have the opportunity to make at least three daguerreotypes during the workshop.

Roger Watson, Curator of the Fox Talbot Museum, will discuss the evolution of the daguerreotype and show examples of daguerreotypes and vintage housings from the archives of the Fox Talbot Museum and from his personal collection. Each participant will receive a facsimile reprint of original step-by-step instructions and other readings on the topic of daguerreotype.

Cancellation Policy: Withdrawal from the workshop two weeks before the session start date will receive a refund, minus a £50 processing fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than two weeks before a workshop start date. If the workshop is cancelled due to insufficient enrolment, the entire class will be refunded the full tuition fee. The Fox Talbot Museum may take and use images, still or video, for educational and promotional purposes.

Location and Scheduling: Daily sessions begin at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. and are held in the Manger Barn (next door to the museum).

Lodging and transportion: Lodging and transportation are not included in the cost of the workshop. Participants must make their own arrangements.

For additional information and to register visit the website.

Lacock Daguerrotypy_086  Lacock_Door_horiz


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May 01 2014

Full circle Daguerreotypy

A recent becquerel process demonstration in Spain by the artists Simone Choulle of Taller de Daguerrotipo, using a reproduction Voigtlander cannon camera.

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Apr 20 2014

New Daguerreotype Journal

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Daguerreobase, the European photographic heritage project is publishing a journal devoted to the daguerreotype. The first issue is due out in June and they are looking for contributions to the second issue – one of the suggested themes is “contemporary creations”.


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Mar 28 2014

Limited edition reproductions of Sean Culver’s Island.

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Limited edition prints of Sean’s panoramic daguerreotype that was on display at the ImageObject event last year, are available throughout the graphic arts magazine “The Hand”. 20 are in stock for purchase at $50 each and they come with a copy of the magazine in which it features.


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Jan 28 2014

Passing of Robert Warren

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We received an update from Mike Robinson that his brother-in-law, Robert Warren, passed away Sunday, January 26th.  After battling Parkinson’s disease for the past 6 years, he was recently stricken with cancer.

He was a man of many talents.  Not only did he help advance modern daguerreotypy with his Blackshadow Daguerreian equipment, but he was also an established photographer.  He worked many years as a professional including shooting for the 72 Olympics. 

He leaves behind his partner Dinah Christie. They were together 41 years.

Dinah wrote this poem two weeks ago:

You Angels with your war-torn wings
Still standing guard together
Your cares, your calls, connecting strings
For all of us, forever.
I watch while Bobby slips away
I’m sharing all your love.
We’ll hold on to a brighter day
To dance through clouds above.


Thanks to all who submitted images to the gallery page for Robert. Mike let me know that he did see it before he passed and it provided solace.

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Jan 11 2014

Blackshadow Daguerreian Equipment Gallery – Thank you to Bob Warren

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Thank you to all who have participated in sending me images for Robert’s gallery page.  Along with the images, we received great comments about how much people enjoy using this equipment. If anyone else has images they wish to contribute we are still accepting images and will view this as an ongoing effort.

Below are some of the sketches we received from Mike Robinson that show the design of the Bob’s mercury pot.

Mercury Pot sketch - courtesy of Mike Robinson   Mercury Pot sketch - courtesy of Mike Robinson

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Jan 11 2014

Updated gallery – Daniel Kuczynski

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Daniel Kuczynski has some new images that have been added to his gallery page.

Birds -Eye, Middlebury College Robert Frost's Cabin Solar Array, Middlebury College Way Station No.1 Study Chamber

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