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    Hey all, I’m a Photography student studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but I am currently staying in NYC and taking my classes online. I’m living in NYC now because I was offered two really cool internships. One is with a photographer named Joey L. and the other is with a production company, Variable.

    I’m currently taking a course on the history of photography. The subject has always been of interest to me and I’ve dabbled in alt process as much as I could. The teacher is asking each student to create a small body of work (5-7 images) using a 19th century process. Most students are going to do cyanotypes and some of the easier processes, but I can get away from the Daguerreotype. I’ve been wanting to work with this process for a very long time and I can’t see myself being satisfied with doing anything else for this project.

    I was wondering if there is anyone located in/near NYC that wouldn’t mind letting me a course from them? I’d be willing to cover any expenses for the materials I use, but I’m a student and obviously can’t afford to just buy everything outright and start creating them on my own. If you are in the city, or know anyone here who wouldn’t mind helping me out it would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks so much!




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