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    I’m looking for a pair of fuming boxes. Someone broke into my house and for some reason stole
    my fuming boxes and a bottle of mercury.
    Would anyone have a pair for sale or know who’s making them at this time?



    Man, who does that, a daguerreotypist down on his luck???
    Sorry to hear about that, good luck on finding a replacement.



    Thanks, captivelight! I hope they get a strong does of that bromine..



    Dose of bromine



    Sorry to hear about this.

    Did you check in with Ty Guillory? He was making them, not sure if he still is.



    I just saw this thread and thought I would post a follow-up to the last post. I had actually reached out to Ty Guillory the other day, and he is not currently making fuming boxes.




    From your screen name it seems that you may be associated with Kentucky…. Do you live there? I’m in Cincinnati. I’m trying to acquire all the equipment that I need to make dags, but I’m on the 5 year plan and no where near ready. Below is a picture of the fuming box that I’m making. It should work for a 4×5. If you’re interested I can make two more.

    Fuming Box

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    Hi kyguerilla,

    From the description, I have a feeling you may have already reached out to me directly. Otherwise, there is a rash of daguerreotype studio break-ins happening – and that’s really weird. On the odd chance that you’re not the same person, I wanted to let you know that I am considering making another run of fuming boxes – provided I can get enough interested buyers.

    My kits include one Walnut box assembly with etched glass slide, chemistry dish, and spring seal mechanism – as well as inserts for 1/2, 1/4, and 1/6 plates [they accommodate full plate with no insert]. For typical Iodine / Bromine process, you will need two kits.

    If the run happens, I will be selling kits for $850 apiece [$1700 per pair].

    You can see photos of my boxes in the gallery area: http://www.cdags.org/?page_id=100

    Please contact me directly if you or anyone else reading this post is interested.



    I know this post is old but I’m interested!!! Respond if you’re still out there.

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