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    I am interested in two boxes.

    Can you send me your price ( total amount included with transport to Belgium) for this ?


    Marc / Antwerp / Belgium



    Hi Marc,

    The boxes would be at £350/- for the pair as mentioned.

    The delivery for the two on UPS Economy (which is 3+ days after delivery pickup, and please also consider time for your country's custom time process), will be at £35/- to Belgium. The total will be at £385/- for this delivery.

    If it's fast delivery, unfortunately it's twice more via UPS Express, which was quoted nearly £85/- by them (2 to 3 days).

    Via this delivery it would be at £350+£85= £435/-.

    Please do inform me which delivery method would be preferred, or another company courier

    The boxes will be wrapped snugly in layers of bubble wraps and boxed with silica gels inside.

    For reference on me, my UK's eBay member is arstudioworks, which is in good standing and my regular stuff and junk purchases from the site. And also from another CDag's senior member, Brenton West (drdag), could vouch me.

    Please do email me at: photoformulary (at) gmail.com if more info needed, plus I am not sure how to access member's email via the CDags's forum.




    Thanks guys for the inquiries for the fuming boxes.

    Most of the boxes went out quite fast and I am left with few in hand. More information of them could be seen at http://www.unspokencodes.com

    I’ll keep on making them, with few more additional twists on how it would look and something in the line of portability and sizes.

    To be honest, it’s quite fun making these, hopefully I could gather enough to run my own practice and enjoy image-making through daguerreotypy as I planned for quite sometime ago.




    I contacted you through mail a few days ago to order one, but have not heard back since – hope the order reached you! Please let me know.



    Hi Csant,

    Unfortunately I didn’t receive your email, I am not sure why it didn’t go through via forum. Please do contact me at photoformulary@gmail.com

    There’s only one left now and looks like there’s your name on it!

    This batch went out very fast and the next batch is going to be quite a while.

    Kind regards,



    Hi Csant,

    I have found your mail! It was buried in the spam section unfortunately. I do apologise on that and I didn’t know why that had happened. I’ll immediately respond to your email in a little while.

    Kind regards,



    Hello Pollywog,

    I am also interested in 2 fuming boxes.

    Will you please send me the price of two boxes including shipping to the


    I understand the boxes are out of stock ……

    Thank you for letting me know.







    Hi John,

    Yes the boxes are unfortunately out of stock at this moment and more boxes are in production.

    Could you pass me your e-mail address and I could forward you the shipping quotation and further arrangement?


    Kind regards,
    Ismail @ Pollywog at CDags

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)

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