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    We have access to many 19th century manuals, and quite a few are available online. This does not appear to be the case with the photography journals from the 19th Century. I would love to read through these journals, but short of a trip to a distant library, I don’t have access to any. As I read there were at least five journals that were relevant to Daguerreotypy;

    Daguerreian Journal Devoted to the Daguerreian and Photogenic Arts (1850-2), which became
    Humphrey’s Journal of the Daguerreotype and Photographic Arts (1852-62)
    Photographic and Fine Art Journal (1851-60)
    La Lumière (1851-67)
    Bulletin de la Société Française de Photographie (1855 to ?)

    A few years of the Daguerreian Journal or Humphrey’s Journal are available via Google Books or on-demand reprint, but not the whole range. Am I missing them online?

    If not,these were clearly microfilmed, so it should be possible (and maybe legal) to digitize the microfilm. Any clues where to start?



    For example,

    http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/003781653 has links to volume 7 (1855) and volume 13 (1861-1862).

    I also note that Gale publishing has a History of Photography micro-form set that has many of these journals.


    Andy Stockton

    Hi Jason-

    Your post intrigued me and I have been looking around some too. I agree – so far there doesn’t seem to be much.
    If anyone has any journal copies and would lend them to me for scanning, I would be happy to do that and put them on the site. I will also keep hunting.


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