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Nov 04 2010

Juried selections

The selections for the juried exhibition underwent some last minute changes before the exhibit opened, with some nudes suffering censorship. To reflect the jurors full intention these have been added to the exhibit selected images webpage.

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Oct 30 2010

Selections of the juried exhibit

The selections for the juried exhibit have been published to page here at so those not in attendance can see the jurors selection. Here is Grants introduction which is the title panel in the exhibit:

“If one wishes to make a photograph, why would one try to do so by the oldest, first form of practical photography, the Daguerreotype process? Why struggle with metal polishing, poisonous chemistry and mastering a difficult balance of Time and Light, when most of the marvels of Photography can now be wrought in an instant by a finger’s press of a button? There is a lot of mystery in a daguerreotype. Once the eye is caught by the glint and glimmer of the mirror surfaced silver plate, and an image, other than one’s own reflection is perceived, a thrill is felt. It is this, perhaps more than any other reason, which stimulates the urge to make daguerreotypes. The contemporary daguerreotypist chases thrills.
The contemporary daguerreotypist faces the same dilemma of any serious photographer today. Every image made today is inevitably redundant and informed by some past image absorbed into the cultural consciousness long ago. They also face the additional problem of employing a process quintessentially “antique”. Why depict something “modern” by using this “old” form of photographic process?
The number of contemporary daguerreotypists has been steadily growing since the 1970’s with many collectors, critics and curators now taking the art form quite seriously. This exhibition highlights a selection of contemporary daguerreotypes made by members of the international group, Cdags. To learn more, please visit their website at
– Grant B. Romer, Juror”

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Sep 12 2010

Heavenly presence

D’oh! – I omitted to post one of the last submissions to the juried exhibit, apologies to the artist. Here are the last but certainly not the least, images submitted. So that makes 156 images from 24 daguerreotypists.

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Sep 10 2010

Submissions closed

Submissions to the juried exhibit in Atlanta have now closed with 154 images sent in from 23 daguerreotypists.

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Sep 10 2010

Light and shadow

a submission of 7 plates to the juried exhibit.


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Sep 10 2010

Tubular bell

Submission for the juried exhibit.

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Sep 10 2010


A submission of two plates for the juried exhibit.


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Sep 10 2010

Portraits and views

A submission of 13 plates for the juried exhibit.

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Sep 10 2010

Brother and Law

A submission of three 1/4 plate becquerel daguerreotypes in hand made leather cases.

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