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Jun 03 2012

New Gallery – Raimondas Pocius

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Our latest galleried artist is Raimondas Pocius a 21 year old photographer from Vilnius,
Lithuania. He has been making daguerreotypes for less than a year and has written a bachelor thesis about daguerreotype process.


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Apr 30 2012

New gallery – Andrius Penkauskas

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Our latest gallery addition, Andrius is a 24 year old photography student from Lithuania in his last year of studies. He has found the process a complex and challenging medium – “on the one hand it’s looks simple and on the other hand it is difficult to reach a good results..” Trial, error and perseverance has helped overcome the lack of instruction in his native language and a lack of any practioners there. A year into the process he now has like many of us “the bug”.


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Apr 29 2012

New gallery – Máté Bakody

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A new gallery has been added for Máté Bakody. Based in Hungary, he began working with the Becquerel process this past March.


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Apr 02 2012

New gallery – Daniel Carrillo

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Joining the CDags community is Daniel Carrillo. Based in Seattle, WA, Daniel started off using the Becquerel process and has recently begun working with mercury. His blog documents his experiences with the medium, including moving up to shooting whole plates. Welcome, Daniel!

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Sep 10 2011

New Gallery – Li Junyi

Welcome to our first galleried artist from China, Li Junyi, aka newone2010 from the dagforum. Starting his gallery are 9 mercurial 4×5 inch plates of his muse. Li is very appreciative of the supply of plates stock from dagforum members that have pointed his silver plater in the right direction. Li has an upcoming article in the next daguerreian society newsletter telling of his journey of becoming a daguerreotypist.

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Apr 03 2011

New gallery – Curtis Wehrfritz

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Artist Curtis Wehrfritz joins the ranks of cdags galleried artists with his own gallery page. Curtis learned the process from Mike Robinson and makes daguerreotypes from digital files as well images directly from nature. Shooting 8 x 10 film performance pieces he uses them to make daguerreotypes that are editions produced one at a time when sold.


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Mar 05 2011

New gallery – Denis Lane

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Denis is a commercial photographer based in Colorado, who was inspired to pursue the process after attending a daguerreotype workshop Jerry Spagnoli a couple of years ago. He now has an artist gallery page for his becquerel daguerreotypes.


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Jan 08 2010

New Gallery – Giancarlo De Noia

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Another exhibitor at the Héritages de Daguerre exhibition at Bry sur Marne, has his own gallery here at A photographer and cinematographer from Rome, Giancarlo first became interested in daguerreotypes after reading an interview with Irving Pobboravsky in a photography magazine. Attracted by the idea of creating a photograph from raw materials, he produced his first daguerreotype in 1980 sensitizing with iodine and developing with mercury. From 1981 to 1983, Giancarlo De Noia exchanged notes and opinions on daguerreotype creation techniques with Irving Pobboravsky via written mail in that time before internet and email. He met with Irving and also Grant Romer and Ken Nelson on a fruitfull trip to Rochester NY in 1991. Giancarlo last produced a daguerreotype in 1992 and in 2008, his experiences as a daguerreotypist were reviewed in Rossano Bertolo’s degree dissertation for the University of Udine – “The Invention of the Daguerreotype: historic remarks and contemporary use”.

Civita-di-Bagnoregio-(Viterbo)-1992 Palazzo-della-Civiltà--del-Lavoro-Roma-EUR-1992

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Nov 26 2009

New gallery – Heather Oelklaus

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A artist fascinated with a “new way” of creating images is Heather Oelklaus, who now has an artist gallery page at A participant in Takashi Arai’s workshops she has fun experimenting with both mercurial and Becquerel processes. One image was a 9 hour exposure, “I just wanted to see what a long exposure would look like”. Another was intentionally overexposed by 20 seconds in order to obtain solarisation.

Oelklasdagmcdonalds Oelklausbluemaskdag

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