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Jan 24 2015

Fuming boxes by K. Azril Ismail

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Large format strikethrough fuming boxes made by K. Azril Ismail (

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Jun 08 2012

National Museum of American History

A video of a recent demonstration of the process by Mike Robinson at a Smithsonian institution.

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Jul 20 2011

French revival

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Mike Robinson has shared some images of his revival of a 19th century French design for half plate fuming boxes. The compact boxes feature a bottom pressure plate similar to a printing out frame back, to keep the iodine dish in contact with the ground glass. Mike explains that since the brass is on the other side of the wood from the iodine it doesn’t suffer from corrosion. The glass tray is flat pieces of glass glued with marine epoxy which is holding up well. The copper runners ensure the ground glass cannot be accidentally withdrawn and the whole design is very compact for the traveling daguerreian.

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Apr 25 2010

Takashi Arai

The metronome machinations of Takashi Arai show there are differing approaches to the process but what counts is the end result – a great plate.

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Mar 02 2009

New Gallery – Fuming boxes by Marc Fish

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Expanding our equipment galleries are the fuming boxes from Marc Fish of London in the UK. Offering a discount and choice of woods for bulk orders he also has some current examples ready for sale now.

See Mark’s page in the galleries section or contact him directly;

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