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Aug 04 2015

Binh Danh – New website and exhibition announcement

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Binh Danh has a new site for his daguerreotypes called Scenic Dags. He is also a part of the National Gallery of Art exhibit “Memory of Time” located in Washington, DC.  The show includes many renowned artists and is open until September 13th. For details visit the NGA website.



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Nov 06 2014

Binh Danh – New solo exhibition at Haines Gallery

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Haines Gallery is pleased to a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Binh Danh.
November 6 – December 20, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 6, 2014, 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Haines Gallery – 49 Geary St #540, San Francisco, CA 94108


Binh Danh‘s latest series of daguerreotypes focuses on the San Francisco cityscape—rendering scenic vistas, sites of civic engagement, and familiar street scenes all with the exquisite detail that only his chosen medium can capture. This body of work is many things at once: an homage to a place the artist loves; a nod to the albumen prints by pioneering photographers like Carleton Watkins and Eadweard Muybridge, who focused on the developing San Francisco metropolis during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; and a politically charged effort to freeze an important moment in San Francisco’s history—a dynamic time of economic growth, disparity and displacement. For Danh, the work brings together his photographic practice and lived experience, as he revisits many sites from his formative years and bears witness to the city during a time of significant transformation. The exhibition takes its name from a 1901 poem by William Vaughn Moody called The Daguerreotype.


Binh Danh has been the subject of a number of solo exhibitions at institutions including the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA (2007), North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC (2010); Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV (2010); and the Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE (2011); and was included in the group exhibition After Ansel Adams at the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA (2014), and the 18th Biennale of Sydney (2012). Danh’s work is held in a number of permanent institutional collections, including the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the deYoung Museum, San Francisco, CA; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL; Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA; George Eastman House, Rochester, NY; and San Jose Museum of Art, CA. He received a Eureka Fellowship in 2010.


This is the artist’s fifth solo exhibition at Haines Gallery.



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Sep 28 2014

Negativeless – Current exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery

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Home and the World, 2010, Daguerreotype, 70.5 x 106.7 cm © Adam Fuss

Home and the World, 2010, © Adam Fuss

is the current exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. It runs from September 19th – October 23, 2014. Among the artists included are contemporary daguerreotypists Sean Culver and Adam Fuss.


“In a world of photography where digital ‘snaps’ are becoming the tedious norm, the Michael Hoppen Gallery presents a show navigating an area of photography that little is known about: the photograph made without a negative. No, not a photogram – but a photograph. We will present a wonderful mix of works, from rare early daguerreotypes through to contemporary takes on these early techniques.

 Photographs were invented to be reproduced on demand. The London Stereoscopic Company, as an example, in the 19th century managed to produce hundreds of thousands of copies of photographs from individual negatives. As the mechanical world came into being,mass re-production became the preferred method.

 The early photographer in the 1830’s and 1840’s strained to produce lasting images of quality and consistency and it was only in 1835 that the negative by Henry Fox Talbot was invented which allowed them to print numerous copies, and after the paper negative, it was no less arduous and complex a process coating collodion negatives. However, in 1837 [sic], Daguerre, a French scientist and inventor, developed a beautifully complex system of producing a photograph on a silver plated copper sheet which was usually cased so that owners could keep the images of their loved ones close to them in their pockets. Larger, half plate daguerreotypes, although much more expensive to produce and hence highly sought after, were often hung on the wall.

Today’s photographers have adopted the digital world in a way no one could have predicted. The days of the hand-made photograph, the laboratory technician, the chemist and artist combined seem almost like a distant memory. The camaraderie of the photographers and printers who would meet in the basement darkrooms of Soho to go over contacts and discuss the printing is all but gone…”


To read the full exhibition statement and see additional images visit the website.


Home and the World, 2010, Daguerreotype, 70.5 x 106.7 cm © Adam Fuss

Home and the World, 2010 © Adam Fuss

Presence Series: Gift, 2006, Daguerreotype, 12.7 x 17.18 cm, © Sean Culver

Presence Series: Gift, 2006, © Sean Culver

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Jul 20 2014

Exposed in a Hundred Suns

Takashi Arai’s solo exhibition entitled “EXPOSED in a Hundred Suns” will be held from July 25 until September 20 at Photo Galley International, Tokyo. It includes these plates of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial/Atomic Bomb Dome. This works echoes Takashi’s Miharu plate taken in the radioactive zone of Fukushima, that won best in show at the the inaugural ImageObject event.
Takashi notes – “I walk through a blighted land. I hold up a small silver plate towards things that were burned—and, even today, are still being burned—by a hundred suns. My journey in search of the connection between heaven and earth continues.”


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Nov 10 2013

Takashi Arai – New Exhibitions

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Takashi Arai, Multiple Monument for Lucky Dragon 5, 2013

“One of the most forward-thinking Japanese art institutions, Mori Art Museum, holds its 4th triennial showcase of contemporary Japanese art, “Roppongi Crossing.” This year’s exhibition, Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT, is an attempt to trace core value shifting effects of 3/11 on the local art scene and link them to the post-WWII Japanese avant-garde. As is often the case with Japanese art, the works tend to be trivial and overly decorative even when it comes to matters of life-and-death, nonetheless, there are still a few that punch well above their weight. Gripping Takashi Arai’s daguerreotypes, picturing the aftermaths of nuclear disasters from the first atomic test in 1945 to snapshots of Fukushima surroundings, momentous Hiroshi Nakamura’s reportage paintings, Genpei Akasegawa’s political comics and graphic Sachiko Kazama’s woodblock prints make you rethink once more the outcomes of post-Imperial Japan–U.S. alliance, while Yukinori Yanagi’s works take on the broader globalization issues.
Of course, no exhibition can answer where contemporary Japanese art is at, but as one of the curators of the exhibition, Reuben Keegan, accurately observes: “perhaps the question we should be asking is not, after all, what Japanese art is or was. Perhaps what we should be asking is what Japanese art can be. Perhaps we should be asking what Japanese art can do.” And, on a larger scale — “What can Japan be? What can Japan do?”

In the light of the ongoing Fukushima tragedy and upcoming Tokyo Olympics, with its many highly questionable decisions on the future of Tokyo, the timing of “Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT” couldn’t be better. Through January 13th.”

To view the original post and images from the show click here.


Takashi Arai

In addition, Takashi is also participating in Paris Photo 2013. The event occurs November 14 – 17. For exhibition details view his blog.

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Jul 06 2013

Glory of Water – New collaborative project with Jerry Spagnoli

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Jerry Spagnoli was recently in Paris to unveil his new collaborative installation. The 50 whole plates are from negatives shot by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The show was curated and designed by Gerhard Steidl and sponsored by Fendi. It is presented in a temporary pavilion on the banks of the Seine and coincides with Haute Couture week in Paris. It is pretty safe to say that daguerreotypes have never been exhibited like this before! The exhibition will run through July 14.

Here is a recent synopsis of the spectacular event.



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Jul 06 2013

Carlos Darío Albornoz – Daguerrotipos Contemporaneos

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Carlos Darío Albornoz has an exhibition of his daguerreotypes on display at the Logia Masónica Estrella de Tucumán, Argentina.  They will be on display through July 9th, 2013. Below are some images from the opening reception.


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May 05 2013

Exposed in a Hundred Suns

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Takashi Arai’s has a solo show entitled “Exposed in a Hundred Suns” opening this Saturday, May 11th at Amagasaki Cultural Center in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

Since 2010 Takashi has been working with Daigo Fukuryumaru Exhibition Hall to create new works include a multiple daguerreotypes of Lucky Dragon 5 and a portrait of Matashichi Oishi. Matashichi is a former fisherman of the wooden fishing boat Lucky Dragon 5, and he is a nuclear victim and a survivor from fatal irradiation from Bikini H-bomb test.
For the upcoming show, Takashi will exhibit the series of Lucky Dragon 5, portraits and landscapes from Fukushima, 100 plates from Daily Daguerreotype Project and one brand-new plate from Trinity Site in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Also Takashi’s public lecture will be given on May 11, at 13:30 in a lecture hall on 8th floor in Amagasaki Cultural Center.

121218_LuckyDragon_Multi_1_BK  img_3d70f7570358466aca6e5a67ef462c53761059

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Apr 19 2013

Photo Art Fair London

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Christopher Brenton West has 4 daguerreotypes on show at the Photo Art Fair in London which is on from May 2nd to the 6th.

PAFPress release

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