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Jun 08 2012

National Museum of American History

A video of a recent demonstration of the process by Mike Robinson at a Smithsonian institution.

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Feb 21 2012

Paint your wagon

Trending in the dagosphere now is portable darkrooms and not just the adapted interior of vehicles, but purpose built trailers. Casey Waters is the latest to take to the road and at the March Antique photo show in Washington D.C. he has been commissioned to make a whole plate of the event.

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Sep 11 2011

Daguerreotype dispenser

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I have added a image gallery of my portable darkroom to the technology galleries. The trailer was designed to keep chemicals out of my vehicle, garage and house while letting me take the process to people and locations. It has a generator for power but also can be hooked up to household main supply, which powers the fan of the fumehood, and runs the buffing tray warmer, lights and appliances. It has two skylights which have amber acrylic for safelighting, one of them removable. Two 10 liter tanks provide the water supply, one for tap water, one for distilled and 20L waste water storage. The construction of the enclosure is with 50mm insulated panels which keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.
The quarter plate and sixth plate shown below are from a recent outing.



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Feb 09 2011

Artists and Alchemists

A documentary feature film coming out this year titled “Artists & Alchemists”, features the daguerreotypes of Adam Fuss, Mark Kessell, Irving Pobborovsky and Jerry Spagnoli

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Apr 25 2010

Takashi Arai

The metronome machinations of Takashi Arai show there are differing approaches to the process but what counts is the end result – a great plate.

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