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Jan 28 2014

Passing of Robert Warren

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We received an update from Mike Robinson that his brother-in-law, Robert Warren, passed away Sunday, January 26th.  After battling Parkinson’s disease for the past 6 years, he was recently stricken with cancer.

He was a man of many talents.  Not only did he help advance modern daguerreotypy with his Blackshadow Daguerreian equipment, but he was also an established photographer.  He worked many years as a professional including shooting for the 72 Olympics. 

He leaves behind his partner Dinah Christie. They were together 41 years.

Dinah wrote this poem two weeks ago:

You Angels with your war-torn wings
Still standing guard together
Your cares, your calls, connecting strings
For all of us, forever.
I watch while Bobby slips away
I’m sharing all your love.
We’ll hold on to a brighter day
To dance through clouds above.


Thanks to all who submitted images to the gallery page for Robert. Mike let me know that he did see it before he passed and it provided solace.

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Jan 03 2014

Special request from Mike Robinson

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We’ve received a special request from our good friend and master of contemporary daguerreotypes Mike Robinson:


My dear friend and brother-in-law is fighting a very serious illness.  I would like to call on the CDags community to submit images to a gallery page dedicated to him.  Anyone is welcome to submit images, provided they were made in part with daguerreian apparatus built by Bob Warren (Blackshadow Yachts).   

Some of you were fortunate to have acquired sensitizing boxes, mercury baths and other pieces of apparatus he made.   Others may have attended workshops and used his equipment to make daguerreotypes. Finally, collectors may have acquired images from contemporary daguerreians who have used his equipment.  All are encouraged to submit.

Bobby’s dedication to the finest ideals of craftsmanship is evident in the apparatus that he built.   Born of this equipment are some the finest examples of contemporary daguerreian art.  
It is my hope and wish that this gallery serve as a visual record of the contribution this fine and gentle man has made to our community.
Thank you,
Mike Robinson


If anyone is able to help with this request, please send images to Jillian ( There is no final submission due date, however we would appreciate them at your earliest convenience.

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Jan 03 2014

Daguerreotype Workshop In Norway with Claudio Santambrogio

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On January 7th Claudio Santambrogio will be giving a workshop on contemporary daguerreotypes. The event will take place at the National Library of Norway in Oslo that is hosting a commemoration of the 175th anniversary of photography. Details of the event can be found on the website (information is in Norwegian, but Claudio’s workshop will be in English). For event inquiries please contact Claudio.



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Nov 10 2013

Takashi Arai – New Exhibitions

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Takashi Arai, Multiple Monument for Lucky Dragon 5, 2013

“One of the most forward-thinking Japanese art institutions, Mori Art Museum, holds its 4th triennial showcase of contemporary Japanese art, “Roppongi Crossing.” This year’s exhibition, Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT, is an attempt to trace core value shifting effects of 3/11 on the local art scene and link them to the post-WWII Japanese avant-garde. As is often the case with Japanese art, the works tend to be trivial and overly decorative even when it comes to matters of life-and-death, nonetheless, there are still a few that punch well above their weight. Gripping Takashi Arai’s daguerreotypes, picturing the aftermaths of nuclear disasters from the first atomic test in 1945 to snapshots of Fukushima surroundings, momentous Hiroshi Nakamura’s reportage paintings, Genpei Akasegawa’s political comics and graphic Sachiko Kazama’s woodblock prints make you rethink once more the outcomes of post-Imperial Japan–U.S. alliance, while Yukinori Yanagi’s works take on the broader globalization issues.
Of course, no exhibition can answer where contemporary Japanese art is at, but as one of the curators of the exhibition, Reuben Keegan, accurately observes: “perhaps the question we should be asking is not, after all, what Japanese art is or was. Perhaps what we should be asking is what Japanese art can be. Perhaps we should be asking what Japanese art can do.” And, on a larger scale — “What can Japan be? What can Japan do?”

In the light of the ongoing Fukushima tragedy and upcoming Tokyo Olympics, with its many highly questionable decisions on the future of Tokyo, the timing of “Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT” couldn’t be better. Through January 13th.”

To view the original post and images from the show click here.


Takashi Arai

In addition, Takashi is also participating in Paris Photo 2013. The event occurs November 14 – 17. For exhibition details view his blog.

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Nov 01 2013

ImageObject to be a biennial event

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For the next ImageObject event we are having to raise extra funds for the staffing in preparation for and for the running of the event.  This set us assessing what needed to be done each year and we have come to the conclusion that to give the best possible show on a regular basis, the event should be held every two years.

So IO-2 will now happen in March/April of 2015 and Io-3 in 2017, etc.  Both the IO team (Alan Bekhuis, Jillian Pichocki and Tyler Scaife) and Penumbra/The Center for Alternative Photography in NYC are enthusiastic and committed to the event which got off to such a great start.  Two years will be a good span to cover the latest in contemporary daguerreotypy as well, making 2015 packed with new material and quite a few newcomers it seems as well.

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Sep 07 2013

Revising galleries

With the artist gallery pages on cdags, we are limiting the number of images on them to 30 per artist. Galleries can be updated at any time but if you reach the limit and want to add more, be sure to say which existing ones you want to be replaced. This way we hope to show the best and latest of works by the artists, please do consider updating your gallery by emailing images to

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Apr 02 2013

IO-1 prize awards and opening

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After a lot of work over the last year or more and a intensive 6 day installation, ImageObject has opened to the public. The opening event was very well attended, two floors of the Center for Alternative Photography – the gallery and skylight studio ones, were packed with people who were very enthusiastic about the show. We will post images of the opening soon but here is the news of the prize awards the jurors arrived at.

Takashi Arai was awarded first prize for his daguerrotype “Miharu, Fukushima”, Binh Danh was awarded second place for “In Memory of our troops: 6371, Dec 25 2011” and Nate Gibbons was awarded third place with “Debris-logs”.

The jurors also awarded three honourable mentions; John Hurlock – “Tunnel View, Yosemite”, Jerome Monnier – “Le Vert Galant” and Curtis Wehrfritz – “As Above, So Below”






wehrfritz ravenheart triptych 3 x 11 x 14

The catalogue is available online through, please consider buying a copy, proceeds go towards cover some of the costs of creating the show.

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Apr 02 2013

Online store for IO-1

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59 of the 74 artworks on display at the exhibition have been made available for sale and can be purchased solely through the ImageObject online store –

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Apr 02 2013

IO-1 catalogue available

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Now available for purchase at – the catalogue to IO-1

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