Welcome to the online community for people interested in the daguerreotype, the first publicly announced process of photography.

All users can register to participate in the online community via the Forum, contemporary daguerreotypists who wish to display images of their work in the galleries section can have their own gallery page with biographical details and links to their own websites.

The Resources section and the Wiki are to build a comprehensive resource for all things about modern daguerreotypy.

If you would like to contribute images or material pertaining to contemporary daguerreotypes or the daguerreotype process, email to admin@cdags.org.


Alan Bekhuis (NZ): admin-alan@cdags.org
Jillian Pichocki (USA): admin-jillian@cdags.org


Gregory Popovitch (USA)
Kaden Kratzer (USA)
Takashi Arai (Japan)
Yoko Mochizuki (Japan)


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