Sep 03 2016

Call for content makers

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Recently one of our admins, Andy Stockton, was involved in a serious car accident and his ongoing recovery has forced him to withdraw from being a admin.  That has made us two remaining admins think – where does go from here?  The site has fallen quiet over the last couple of years and we would like to make some changes to invigorate it.

We would like to offer community members the ability to publish content directly on site through bigger user roles in the site management system (WordPress).  This will allow members to make posts on the homepage blog and for some to add and manage content to the rest of the site, with it all being shared on our social media.  For the blog posts this could be daguerreotypists posting directly about their own work, equipment set ups, exhibitions/events or it could also it could be a enthusiast of the genre, posting similar stories or more curatorial pieces about contemporary daguerreotypy.

By having a larger group of people publishing content as frequently or as infrequently as they like, we hope that activity is more organic and the site can grow in the direction it needs too.  We are aiming for 2019 to be the next instalment of the ImageObject event in NYC and want the genre to have a vibrant nexus to gather momentum for that.

If you would like to publish content about contemporary daguerreotypes genre on or are interested in helping with the larger roles like “editor” or even “admin” email to express interest.



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