Feb 16 2016

Daguerreian society conference 2016

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This years Daguerreian society conference is in NYC from Oct. 19th-23rd. It features a Pre-Conference Symposium on “How the 19th-century Is the Basis for All Subsequent Photographic Art” (Oct 20th) and a contemporary exhibit at the Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Corresponding to the shift of the Daguerreian society in recent years away from solely focusing on the “Art and Science of the Daguerreotype” to that all early photographic processes, the symposium outlook takes in all 19th century photographic process used in contemporary art. The contemporary exhibit at the Howard Greenberg Gallery will show artists using different analogue photographic processes and will include 4 contemporary daguerreotypists – Takashi Arai, Adam Fuss, Cris Bierenbach, and Craig Tuffin.

The one-day symposium “How the 19th-century Is the Basis for All Subsequent Photographic Art” features a panel session with prominent contemporary artists discussing how 19th-century photography and its processes have influenced their work. It will also include presentations by curators and collectors on why they include 19th-century photography along with modern photography in their collections.

Sarah Greenough from the National Gallery of Art will moderate the lead-off panel of artists, including Vera Lutter, Adam Fuss, Jerry Spagnoli and Sally Mann. Other sessions will include Denise Bethel speaking on this topic and how collectors and curators should respond, and interviews with several of the world’s top photography collectors, including Michael Mattis and Judy Hochberg, and Thomas Walther.

The trade fair is titled the “19th-Century Photography Show” but contemporary daguerreotypists will, as usual, be able to rent tables to show/offer their works. Tables cost $300 for non society members and $250 for society members.

For more info see www.daguerre.org


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  1. TheDagLabon 18 Feb 2016 at 10:14 am

    This is great news for the daguerrian community and beyond! I can’t wait to experience this exhibit and am thrilled to hear what the speakers have to say. October can’t come soon enough for me…

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