Jan 03 2014

Special request from Mike Robinson

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We’ve received a special request from our good friend and master of contemporary daguerreotypes Mike Robinson:


My dear friend and brother-in-law is fighting a very serious illness.  I would like to call on the CDags community to submit images to a gallery page dedicated to him.  Anyone is welcome to submit images, provided they were made in part with daguerreian apparatus built by Bob Warren (Blackshadow Yachts).   

Some of you were fortunate to have acquired sensitizing boxes, mercury baths and other pieces of apparatus he made.   Others may have attended workshops and used his equipment to make daguerreotypes. Finally, collectors may have acquired images from contemporary daguerreians who have used his equipment.  All are encouraged to submit.

Bobby’s dedication to the finest ideals of craftsmanship is evident in the apparatus that he built.   Born of this equipment are some the finest examples of contemporary daguerreian art.  
It is my hope and wish that this gallery serve as a visual record of the contribution this fine and gentle man has made to our community.
Thank you,
Mike Robinson


If anyone is able to help with this request, please send images to Jillian (admin-jillian@cdags.org). There is no final submission due date, however we would appreciate them at your earliest convenience.

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