May 05 2013

Exposed in a Hundred Suns

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Takashi Arai’s has a solo show entitled “Exposed in a Hundred Suns” opening this Saturday, May 11th at Amagasaki Cultural Center in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

Since 2010 Takashi has been working with Daigo Fukuryumaru Exhibition Hall to create new works include a multiple daguerreotypes of Lucky Dragon 5 and a portrait of Matashichi Oishi. Matashichi is a former fisherman of the wooden fishing boat Lucky Dragon 5, and he is a nuclear victim and a survivor from fatal irradiation from Bikini H-bomb test.
For the upcoming show, Takashi will exhibit the series of Lucky Dragon 5, portraits and landscapes from Fukushima, 100 plates from Daily Daguerreotype Project and one brand-new plate from Trinity Site in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Also Takashi’s public lecture will be given on May 11, at 13:30 in a lecture hall on 8th floor in Amagasaki Cultural Center.

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