Oct 19 2011

Extreme Daguerreotypy

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From yesterday’s Smithsonian Blog, this example of dedication to the daguerreian arts:

“After 20 minutes of rest Blondin began the journey to the other side, this time with a Daguerreotype camera strapped to his back. He advanced 200 feet, affixed his balancing pole to the cable, untied his load, adjusted it in front of him and snapped a likeness of the crowd along the American side. Then he hoisted the camera back into place and continued on his way. The entire walk from bank to bank to bank took 23 minutes, and Blondin immediately announced an encore performance to take place on the Fourth of July”.

Blondin and his camera, as rendered in “Blondin: His Life and Performances.”

Full text at Smithsonian.com

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  1. gary.w.eweron 31 Oct 2011 at 9:04 am

    I’ve submitted a correction to the Smithsonian site for a correction: the original text states that Blondin strapped on his back a”picture-taking apparatus.” Given the 1859 date of this activity, it is somewhat inexact to revise the reference to a “daguerreotype” camera.

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