Jan 15 2009


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Welcome to the new version of the community website for contemporary daguerreotypes. The expanded editorial team has created what we hope you will think is a great new look for the site and has chosen a simple, but evocative new name. We envisage the addition of a wiki here as a powerful new information tool to enhance the blog and the forum.

A new banner with images that automatically refresh shows enticing portions of images by daguerreians who have galleries on the site. When you click on an image it will take you straight to the gallery of the artist who created it.

The forum section has new software but all the old posts are there as are the ones in the blog. We hope you will like the clean, simple structure and the speed boost the new forum software provides.

The back-end integration of blog and forum isn’t quite complete yet, your logins are the same for both but in the interim you will have to re-enter them from blog to forum and vice versa. Eventually a single logon will access everything.


the editorial team:

Alan Bekhuis
Jon Lewis
Andy Stockton

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