Sep 03 2016

Call for content makers

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Recently one of our admins, Andy Stockton, was involved in a serious car accident and his ongoing recovery has forced him to withdraw from being a admin.  That has made us two remaining admins think – where does go from here?  The site has fallen quiet over the last couple of years and we would like to make some changes to invigorate it.

We would like to offer community members the ability to publish content directly on site through bigger user roles in the site management system (WordPress).  This will allow members to make posts on the homepage blog and for some to add and manage content to the rest of the site, with it all being shared on our social media.  For the blog posts this could be daguerreotypists posting directly about their own work, equipment set ups, exhibitions/events or it could also it could be a enthusiast of the genre, posting similar stories or more curatorial pieces about contemporary daguerreotypy.

By having a larger group of people publishing content as frequently or as infrequently as they like, we hope that activity is more organic and the site can grow in the direction it needs too.  We are aiming for 2019 to be the next instalment of the ImageObject event in NYC and want the genre to have a vibrant nexus to gather momentum for that.

If you would like to publish content about contemporary daguerreotypes genre on or are interested in helping with the larger roles like “editor” or even “admin” email to express interest.



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Feb 16 2016

Daguerreian society conference 2016

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This years Daguerreian society conference is in NYC from Oct. 19th-23rd. It features a Pre-Conference Symposium on “How the 19th-century Is the Basis for All Subsequent Photographic Art” (Oct 20th) and a contemporary exhibit at the Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Corresponding to the shift of the Daguerreian society in recent years away from solely focusing on the “Art and Science of the Daguerreotype” to that all early photographic processes, the symposium outlook takes in all 19th century photographic process used in contemporary art. The contemporary exhibit at the Howard Greenberg Gallery will show artists using different analogue photographic processes and will include 4 contemporary daguerreotypists – Takashi Arai, Adam Fuss, Cris Bierenbach, and Craig Tuffin.

The one-day symposium “How the 19th-century Is the Basis for All Subsequent Photographic Art” features a panel session with prominent contemporary artists discussing how 19th-century photography and its processes have influenced their work. It will also include presentations by curators and collectors on why they include 19th-century photography along with modern photography in their collections.

Sarah Greenough from the National Gallery of Art will moderate the lead-off panel of artists, including Vera Lutter, Adam Fuss, Jerry Spagnoli and Sally Mann. Other sessions will include Denise Bethel speaking on this topic and how collectors and curators should respond, and interviews with several of the world’s top photography collectors, including Michael Mattis and Judy Hochberg, and Thomas Walther.

The trade fair is titled the “19th-Century Photography Show” but contemporary daguerreotypists will, as usual, be able to rent tables to show/offer their works. Tables cost $300 for non society members and $250 for society members.

For more info see


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Aug 04 2015

Binh Danh – New website and exhibition announcement

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Binh Danh has a new site for his daguerreotypes called Scenic Dags. He is also a part of the National Gallery of Art exhibit “Memory of Time” located in Washington, DC.  The show includes many renowned artists and is open until September 13th. For details visit the NGA website.



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Jun 02 2015

Gallery update – Beniamino Terraneo

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Beniamino’s gallery page has been updated with all new images. To see the rest of them visit his gallery page.


Lago di Como 2014


Venezia, Molo San Marco 2013.jpg


Pisa, Piazza dei Miracoli 2014.jpg

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Feb 08 2015

Trees Triptych

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Up for auction at Swann Galleries in NYC is a whole plate triptych of trees by Jerry Spagnoli and looking every bit its estimate of US$ 7000-10 000.

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Jan 24 2015

Fuming boxes by K. Azril Ismail

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Large format strikethrough fuming boxes made by K. Azril Ismail (

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Dec 24 2014

Happy holidays from CDags!

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Thanks to Mike Robinson for this festive image and daguerreotype! Happy holidays from CDags. We look forward to seeing new work from all of you in 2015!


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Dec 04 2014

Please excuse our dust

We are in the process of transferring to a new hosting site. Please excuse any difficulty in using the site while we work to complete the transfer. The work is carried out by a volunteer team of editors as time allows.


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Nov 06 2014

Binh Danh – New solo exhibition at Haines Gallery

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Haines Gallery is pleased to a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Binh Danh.
November 6 – December 20, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 6, 2014, 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Haines Gallery – 49 Geary St #540, San Francisco, CA 94108


Binh Danh‘s latest series of daguerreotypes focuses on the San Francisco cityscape—rendering scenic vistas, sites of civic engagement, and familiar street scenes all with the exquisite detail that only his chosen medium can capture. This body of work is many things at once: an homage to a place the artist loves; a nod to the albumen prints by pioneering photographers like Carleton Watkins and Eadweard Muybridge, who focused on the developing San Francisco metropolis during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; and a politically charged effort to freeze an important moment in San Francisco’s history—a dynamic time of economic growth, disparity and displacement. For Danh, the work brings together his photographic practice and lived experience, as he revisits many sites from his formative years and bears witness to the city during a time of significant transformation. The exhibition takes its name from a 1901 poem by William Vaughn Moody called The Daguerreotype.


Binh Danh has been the subject of a number of solo exhibitions at institutions including the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA (2007), North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC (2010); Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV (2010); and the Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE (2011); and was included in the group exhibition After Ansel Adams at the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA (2014), and the 18th Biennale of Sydney (2012). Danh’s work is held in a number of permanent institutional collections, including the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the deYoung Museum, San Francisco, CA; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL; Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA; George Eastman House, Rochester, NY; and San Jose Museum of Art, CA. He received a Eureka Fellowship in 2010.


This is the artist’s fifth solo exhibition at Haines Gallery.



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